Anti-Wrinkle Treatment For Men

Anti-Wrinkle treatment for men. Our ever popular client blog returns to give you a male point of view.

Client Blog.

My wife has now been having Botox injections for the past couple of years (well that’s how long she is actually admitting to). Rachel at Evolve Medical in Farsley is her practitioner. She always gets all fed up and miserable before booking her appointment and then giddy and silly just before going. I don’t really understand all this behaviour but she swears its normal!

Her last treatment was before the wedding of her good friend that she wanted to look her best for. She did look really amazing on the day. Not that she doesn’t usually (I have to say that don’t I!!). People were commenting on how well she looked. This got me into thinking that if she looks so amazing  maybe I could have a treatment on my frowny forehead lines. Which, I must add, my wife keeps letting me know how bad they are and keeps telling me to book in for Botox.

So the next time my wife told me I’m wrinkly and she knows someone who could fix it I agreed to let her book me an appointment.

My Appointment.

My appointment was for a consultation initially to see if I was suitable for treatment. Also to check Botox was the most suitable treatment for my issues. I must admit to being a little apprehensive on the day of the appointment. My wife was having a treatment on the same day so that helped going in with her.

Firstly I had to fill in a medical questionnaire whilst drinking a nice coffee made for me in reception. I was then introduced to Rachel who was going to do my consultation. We went through my medical questions and then I explained what it was about my face I didn’t like. She explained all about the treatment of botox and how it could help me.

She made me feel totally at ease. We decided that I would have 2 areas of Botox at a cost of £200. I booked in for treatment the next week.

The following week as my appointment got closer I started thinking I wasn’t going to bother as it is not a manly treatment and I didn’t want to look silly.  My wife said there were plenty of men who went for treatment but I was not convinced. The day arrived and I was going to cancel right up to half an hour before but then decided I would go ahead just this once to see what effects I would have.

To my surprise when I arrived at the clinic there was another gentleman sitting in the waiting area, which made me feel a little less self conscious and I even started chatting to him. It turned out he had had Botox among other treatments.  Great I felt much better!!

Rachel then came to do my treatment, we ran through what I was hoping to achieve again and she explained treatment and aftercare and then the treatment began.

10 Minutes later all done, no pain! Don’t know what I was worrying about.

What happened next.

I made a review appointment for 2 weeks later so that Rachel could see how the Botox had worked and if I needed any more to achieve the required results( it takes up to 14 days for the full effects to be seen).

Everyday after this treatment I was studying my face in the mirror, my wife thinking this is hilarious – telling me its too early  to see anything yet – wait.

I don’t like waiting I’m too impatient but I started to notice that the lines were softening. They were not as deep. My grumpy face line above my nose had just about gone.

By the time of my review appointment my forehead was much smoother, not shiny and tight and wax work looking just softer and not wrinkly.

The overall result made me feel and look much brighter and fresher.

Rachel showed me the photos of before when I went for the review and I can honestly say I am now converted.

A big thank you Evolve Medical for introducing me to Botox treatment. And thank you to my wife for introducing me to Evolve Medical.